Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chang (Thai Beverage PCL)

Jason chipped this one into the inaugural Beer Club assortment -- the only import of the six, so a welcome addition. Not one I've tried before. In Thai restaurants I have always been steered toward Singha. Phil says the cashier told them Chang was "good with spicy food."

The beer pours a pale straw color, crystal clear, with large-bubbled titanium white foam that quickly dissipates to a ring. There is almost no perceptible aroma.

At first sip, I couldn't tell if I was tasting hops bitterness or carbonation prickle. The sort of corn-like main body taste is gone in a flash, then there is a slightly soapy aftertaste. Overall, Chang could be mistaken for any run-of-the-mill American macrobrew lager -- Miller High Life, maybe? The assertion "good with spicy food" is probably correct, actually.

That's not a very favorable review, but to be honest, Chang was not nearly bad as I was prepared for based on some scathing reviews I've read. In fact, the beer wasn't truly objectionable to my palate, it just offers no complexity to savor and admire. Then again, it doesn't appear that's what the producer is after. The "brewery" website is hilariously devoid of any notion of flavor, passion, or craft. Check this excerpt:

Beer Chang was conceived with the visionary outlook of the top executives to expand the beer market with a Thai taste albeit with international quality, to give the consumers an alternative with the fervent belief in the brewing and production capability of the Thais.
That pretty much says it all. Not exactly "Off-center ales for off-center people," is it?

Hey, and on a side note, what's with the "11.15 fl.oz." bottle?

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Honorable mentions:
Miller High Life

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