Sunday, August 7, 2011

Palm (Brouwerij Palm NV)

I chose this sophisticated-looking bottle to drink first from the Beer Club's week eight lineup. I figured I'd be starting off with a solid, classy import. Didn't quite turn out that way...

Palm pours a pale amber. It rushes up to two inches white fluffy head, then settles to one finger or so. Some lacing. The aroma is lemon and musty European hops.

My immediate flavor impression was of corn on the cob. There is not much foretaste; after the slightly lackluster carbonation ping there is basically a single straightforward flavor note of pilsner-like sour malt. The fade out is reminiscent of Bugles corn snacks.

Possibly Belgium's least impressive export.

From the bottle's label:

PALM was originally brewed at the beginning of the 20th Century as a new style of beer, Speciale Belge - taste complexity of an ale brewed to be refreshing like pilsner or lager. It is PALM's perfect balance of flavor and approachability that makes it Belgium's Amber Beer.

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