Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beer Club (week one)

In what is arguably the best idea to come out of the News Journal's Local Information Center since the inception of the Quad-screen Dumbotron™, Justin Williams (professional daredevil, content whiz, and beer lover) has assembled a group of hardy fellows to partake in the sharing of beers and beer-tasting opinions.

The blog is still ramping up, but someday you may be able to follow the action and meet the personalities here: Brewsroom (That's an example of Jeffrey Gentry's wordplay. I guess if all our opinions agree it will be the Bros Room, and if we disagree violently it could become the Bruise Room...)

The first round of brews being consumed:
Anchor Steam (Anchor Brewing)
Chang (Thai Beverage)
Hop Hazard (River Horse Brewing Company)
Hoss Rye Lager (Great Divide Brewing)
Mojo IPA (Boulder Beer Company)
Yakima Glory (Victory Brewing Company)

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